Tour Policies and Info

1. Cancellation-Cancellations made 24hrs or more before tour time will receive a refund. Cancellations made less than 24hrs before departure time will receive no refund.

2. Weather-We will cancel all tours in the event of stormy weather. The decision will be made on the day of the tour by the Captain of the boat.

3. Departure Time-We leave at the exact time the tour starts (example 5-6pm tour), we leave at 5pm on the dot. Boarding starts at 10min till. (example 4:50pm).

4. PARKING-There is free public parking available on all roads within 3 blocks of our location. Please arrive early on holiday weekends.

5. Occasionally there are waves (wakes) from passing boats. We will try our best to give everyone a notice, but don’t forget you are on a boat.

6. Drinks and Snacks-Feel free to bring your own food and non alcoholic drinks. There are no tables on the boat so handheld snacks are preferred. We have Water, Soda, and Snacks available for purchase.

7. We do have a restroom onboard the boat.