Tour Policies and Info

1. Cancellation-Cancellations made 24hrs or more before tour time will receive a refund. Cancellations made less than 24hrs before departure time will receive no refund.

2. Weather-We will cancel all tours in the event of stormy weather. The decision will be made on the day of the tour by the Captain of the boat.

3. Departure Time-We leave at the exact time the tour starts (example 5-6pm tour), we leave at 5pm on the dot. Boarding starts at 10min till. (example 4:50pm).

4. PARKING-There is free public parking available on all roads within 3 blocks of our location. Please arrive early on holiday weekends.

5. Occasionally there are waves (wakes) from passing boats. We will try our best to give everyone a notice, but don’t forget you are on a boat.

6. Drinks and Snacks-All tours are BYOB (bring your own beverages). Water, Soda, Juice, Beer, and Wine. No Liquor please. Handheld snacks are always welcome. We have Water, Soda, and Snacks available for $1 each.

7. We do have a restroom onboard the boat.