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Southport Boat Rentals is focused on sharing the natural beauty of our area to help spread knowledge and promote good stewardship of the marine environment. By showing the public what the waters of  the Cape Fear region have to offer, we are investing in the protection of the marine habitat for generations.  We are using our years of boating experience to help people get on the water and enjoy our natural resources. Our commitment to the waters of our area are only matched by our passion to have fun and boat safe. Giving boater safety lessons and boat handling courses is something we have done for a long time and will continue to do upon request. All the employees at Southport Boat Rentals are licensed US Coast Guard Captains and take our jobs very seriously. We also like to have a good time and believe that being safe and having fun go hand in hand. If ever you have a question, we are available around the clock to help you have as much fun as possible while on the water. With the easy access to so many places from one of our boats, it’s the only way to travel and see the hidden gems that no land lubber from Ashore will ever see.

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Capt. Eli Bostic

Captain Eli Bostic is here to help you have a good time. He has

Dedication 100%
100% Dedication
Helpfulness 100%
100% Helpfulness
Saftey 100%
100% Saftey
Robert Frankenfield

Robert Frankenfield

Owner Operator

Hard work and dedication are the two words that come to mind when describing

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100% Clamming
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100% Fishing
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